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The customer is at the center of everything and deserves unique, extraordinary experiences along the journey. Discover the impact that these 1-to-1 experiences can have on your customers, powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Select a persona and go on a journey with us over the course of seven days. You’ll see emails, ads, mobile messages, recommendations, and more that a customer would see.

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Maria - Health Care Patient

Maria is a 45 year old with a family history of High Blood Pressure. She is a mother of two and is the primary caretaker for her elderly parents. Maria wants to take care of her family and her own health.

Lydia - Retail Furniture

Lydia is a seasoned office manager for a legal firm. A new office space was recently purchased, and Lydia is tasked with ordering new furniture for her colleagues. She’s decided to order from Smith & Jones Office Furniture.

Nina - New Employee Onboarding

Nina has just accepted a new job at Northern Trail Outfitters. She’s ramping up for her first week and will experience the New Employee Onboarding program (NEO).

Victor - Marketing Event Attendee

Victor is the director of marketing at an ad agency. He’s attending Reach, an annual marketing conference, and is looking forward to sharing new ideas with his colleagues on how to grow their business.

Ricardo - Banking Industry

Ricardo is a young, recent college graduate. His parents’ hometown bank is no longer a convenient option, and has decided to open a new checking account at Cumulus Bank.

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